Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Update

Great news! We've now listed over 400 game conventions!

The breakdown is as follows:

Australia/New Zealand - 17
Canada - 34
Europe [non-UK]- 30
Online - 1
UK/Ireland - 32
USA - 287
World [all other] - 6

We're taking a break from searching out more cons at this point but will probably stumble across more as we move forward. We do have a list of game conventions in Europe yet to process so that number might tick up a bit.

We're now reaching out to the organizers of the listed conventions to see if they'd like to improve the descriptions we've added for their con. It's a work in process. Through out this process we've found a couple of really interesting game conventions and will be adding those to the blog as well.

Happy gaming!

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