Capital Region (DC, DE, MD, VA, WV)

Here is the complete list of every game convention in the Capital region (DC, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia). Are we missing any conventions? If so, please use our Add a Game Convention Form.

Delaware (DE)

District of Columbia (DC)

DC Gameday (Washington, DC) game convention

Video Gamers United (Washington, DC) video game convention

Maryland (MD)

BFGcon (Frederick) game convention

Capclave (Gaithersburg (Washington D.C. area)) literary convention

Congress of Gamers - Fall (Rockville (Washington DC area)) board game convention

EuroQuest (Pikesville (Baltimore area)) board game convention

GAD-CON [Games and Dice Convention] (Baltimore) games convention

Game Days (Parkville (Baltimore area)) gaming con

MAGFest (National Harbor (Washington DC area)) music and video game con

T-MODE (Rockville (Washington D.C. area)) anime and gaming convention

Winter Game Fest (Rockville (Washington DC area)) gaming con

Virginia (VA)

1d4Con (Winchester (Northern VA)) gaming convention

Congress of Gamers - Summer (Falls Church (Washington DC area)) board game convention

DollarCon (Richmond) board gaming convention

Guns of August [Hamptonroads Gamers] (Williamsburg (Richmond/Norfolk area)) tabletop gaming con

Historicon (Fredericksburg (Northern Virginia)) historical war game con

MarsCon (Williamsburg (between Richmond and Norfolk)) sci fi con

Mysticon (Roanoke) sci fi, fantasy and pop culture con

Nekocon (Hampton (Norfolk area)) anime / cosplay convention

NOVA Open (Arlington (Washington DC area)) wargaming convention

OmegaCon (Charlottesville) anime and gaming convention

PrezCon (Charlottesville) table top gamer convention

RavenCon (North Chesterfield (Richmond area)) sci fi and fantasy convention

TCEP (Sterling (Washington DC area)) games convention

Williamsburg Muster [Hamptonroads Gamers] (Williamsburg (Richmond/Norfolk)) miniatures game con

WyvaCon (Wytheville (Southwestern VA)) sci fi convention

West Virginia (WV)

CharCon (Charleston) game convention

Madicon (Harrisonburg gaming convention

Last update Feb 2018