UK / Ireland

Below is a complete convention listing every gaming convention in the UK and Ireland. We've done our best to list them all, but if any are missing, please submit them using our Game Con Submission Form.

For those traveling from the US to one of these conventions a couple of terms are different in British vs. American. Vendor is trader, figure(s) can be used for both miniature(s) and war game, a booth is a stall, Sat-Nav is a GPS device, and finally, we've seen Freeform used to mean both LARP and open gaming. Nothing too major, but worth noting.

Not yet updated.

Nine Worlds GeekFest (London, UK) multi genre convention

GemuCon (Coventry, UK) video game convention

The Cast are Dice (Stoke-on-Trent, (central UK)) board game convention

Grand Tribunal UK (Cheltenham, England (between Birmingham and Bristol)) Ars Magica game con

Shadow Con (West London, UK) game convention

CamCon (Cambridge, UK (eastern England)) multi genre convention

Alcon (Leicester, Leicestershire, UK (central England)) anime convention

Dragondaze (Newport, Wales, UK (Cardiff/Bristol area)) games convention

Fayre Times Festival (Waltham Abbey, Essex, UK (South East England)) multi hobby festival

EGX London [formorely Eurogamer Expo] (Earls Court, London, UK) video game convention

Game Expo Scotland (Edinburgh, Scottland) video game convention

OddConUK (Telford, Telford and Wrekin, UK (Birmingham area)) game convention

Play Expo (Manchester, UK) video game convention

Gaelcon (Dublin, Ireland) game convention

Furnace (Sheffield, UK) role playing convention

WynterCon (Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK (Southeast England)) multi genre convention

IndieCon (Christchurch, Dorset, UK (Southampton area)) game convention

MidCon (Derby, UK (Nottingham area)) board game convention

Platform (Hull, UK) independent video gaming expo

Dominicon (Maynooth, Ireland (Dublin area)) gaming convention

Consequences (Christchurch, Dorset, UK (Southampton area)) LARP (freeform) gaming convention

Eirtakon (Dublin, Ireland) anime convention

Wargamer (Halesowen, UK (Birmingham area)) war games convention

RocketCon (Gravesend, Kent, UK (London area)) game convention

Crispycon (Farcet Fen, CAMBS, England (near Peterborough)) role playing convention

Dragonmeet (Kensington Town Hall, London, England) gaming convention

AdventureX (University of East Anglia, London, UK) video game convention

WarpCon (Cork, Ireland) gaming convention

Conception (New Milton, Hampshire, UK (Southampton area)) game convention

London Anime and Gaming Con (London, UK) anime con

Clonakilty Games Festival (Clonakilty, Ireland (Cork area)) board game convention

SmogCon (Guilford, Surrey, UK (London area)) miniatures gaming convention

GEEK (Game Expo East Kent) (Margate, Kent, UK (southeast coast of England)) video game con

SabreCon (Leicester, UK (central England)) gaming convention

SoRCon (Colchester, Essex, England (eastern England)) board game convention

LepreCon (Dublin, Ireland) games con

Itzacon (Galway, (western Ireland)) game convention

Con-Quest (Derby, UK (Nottingham area)) game convention

AmberCon NI (Northern Ireland) (Belfast, Northern Ireland) Amber Diceless game convention

Kitacon (Birmingham, UK) multi genre con

Rezzed ( Brighton, East Sussex, UK (southern coast of England)) indie video game convention

Conpulsion (Edinburgh, Scotland) game convention

Dysprosium (London, UK) multi genre convention

Seven Hills (Sheffield, UK) roleplaying game convention

Salute (London, England) miniatures war game convention

Vaticon (Dublin, Ireland) games convention

Baycon (Kennford, Devon, UK (Exeter area)) games convention

Legionary (Exeter, Devon, UK) miniature games convention

Campaign (Milton Keynes, UK (between London and Birmingham)) war game convention

UK Games Expo (Birmingham, UK) game convention

Hobocon (Dublin, Ireland) gamer convention

MassaCON (Stockport, UK (Manchester area)) wargame convention

Conclave (Limerick, Ireland) gaming convention

Q-Con (Belfast, Northern Ireland) anime and gaming convention

ArcadeCon (Dublin, Ireland) video game convention

BroCon (Limerick, Ireland) anime and games convention

ManorCon (Leicester, UK (central England)) board games convention

Attack! (Wiltshire, (southwest UK, between Bristol and Southampton)) war game convention

Continuum (Leicester, UK (central England)) games convention

PaizoCon UK (Birmingham, UK) game convention

Gauntlet (Broughton, Flintshire, UK (Liverpool area)) tabletop game convention

ExiliCon (Cambridge, UK) multi genre con