Attending an online gaming convention certainly cuts down on travel expenses! You will obviously need a computer and also likely a headset for voice chat. If you know of any we are missing please add them here: Submit a Game Convention Form

AetherCon - Online

Con Plus - Online

Fear the Con-line - Online

FG Con [Fantasy Grounds Virtual Con] - Online via Fantasy Grounds

Jacker Con - Online via Google Hangout and Roll20

Roll20 Con - Online via Roll20

Virtuacon - Online

Online for 2020

AlbaCon UK - Online

Autumn Revel - Online

GeekGirlConline - Online

Midwest GameFest - Online

NEA Game Fest - Online

Necronomicon FL - Online

Save Against Fear - Online - Online

Tsunamicon - Online

UCon - Online

Virtual Gamehole Con - Online - Online

Last updated Sept 2020.