South Central West (AR, LA, OK, TX)

Below is a full game convention list of every game con in the South Central West region. If we are missing any conventions, please use our Game Convention Submission Form to update the calendar.

Arkansas (AR)

Gl!tch Con (Springdale (northwest Arkansas, Rogers / Fayetteville area)) fandom convention

Konsplosion! (Fort Smith (northwest Arkansas)) multi genre con

Louisiana (LA)

Bayou Wars (Kenner (New Orleans area)) war games convention

CONtraflow (Kenner (New Orleans area)) fan convention

Heat of Battle (National WW2 Museum, New Orleans) World War 2 wargames and board games con

MechaCon (New Orleans) anime convention

Oklahoma (OK)

Izumicon (Midwest City (Oklahoma City area)) anime convention

SoonerCon (Oklahoma City) multi genre convention

SUPER! BitCon (Oklahoma City) classic video game convention

Tokyo in Tulsa (Tulsa) anime convention

TwisterCon (Midwest City (Oklahoma City area)) gaming convention

Wizard World Comic Con – Oklahoma City (Oklahoma City) pop culture convention

Texas (TX)

A-Kon (Dallas) anime convention

The Alamo Warhammer GT (San Antonio) Warhammer grand tournament

Anime Overload (Austin) anime convention

[Hiatus - 2018]ApolloCon (Houston) science fiction, fantasy and horror conference

Arcade Expo (Houston) video game convention

Austin Board Game Bash (Austin) board game convention

BoardGameGeek.CON (Dallas / Fortworth) board game convention Spring/Fall

ChupacabraCon (Austin) gaming convention

Comicpalooza (Houston) comic con

ConDFW (Dallas) science fiction / fantasy convention

Delta H Con (Houston) anime and gaming convention

FenCon (Dallas/Fort Worth Area) science fiction / fantasy literary con

GamerNation Con (Plano (Dallas area)) gaming con

GeekFest (Killeen (between Austin and Waco)) multi genre con

IKKiCON (Austin) japanese animation and pop culture convention

Infinicon (Addison (Dallas area)) multi genre con

MAG Con (Mad About Games) (New Caney (Houston area)) tabletop gaming con

North Texas RPG Con (Bedford (Fort Worth / Dallas area)) old school game con

OwlCon (Houston) game convention

Protospiel South (Austin) board game convention

QuakeCon (Dallas) video game convention

RealmsCon (Corpus Christi) anime and video game convention

ReaperCon (Denton (Fort Worth / Dallas area) miniatures game conv

RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo) (Austin) video gaming convention

SGC (ScrewAttack Gaming Convention) (Dallas) video games con

Texas Team Tournament (Austin) Advanced Squad Leader gaming tournament

Wizard World Comic Con – Austin (Austin) pop culture con

Last updated Feb 2018