Australia / New Zealand

Below is a full convention listing of every gaming convention in Australia and New Zealand for the coming calendar year. If any cons are missing, please submit them using our Gaming Con Submission Form.

Remember that the seasons are reversed south of the equator so the summer con season is January - February, not July and August.


Arcanacon (Collingwood, Victoria (Melbourne area)) Game convention

AVCon (Adelaide, South Australia) Anime and Video Game convention

BorderCon (Albury, NSW) Open gaming convention

CANCON (Canberra) gaming con

ConCentric Games (Tanunda (Adelaide area)) games con

Conquest (Melbourne, VIC) game convention

EB Games Expo (Sydney, NSW) video game expo

Ettin Con (Blackheath, NSW) gaming convention

EYECON (Glebe, NSW (Sydney area)) Role playing Convention

Freeplay Independent Games Festival (Melbourne, VIC) independent video game festival

Gamefest Brisbane (Woolloongabba, QLD (Brisbane area)) gaming convention

GammaCon (Canberra) pop culture convention

GenghisCon (Perth, Western Australia) game con

Hobart Winter GamesFest (Hobart, Tasmania) board game con

MOAB: Mother of all Battles(Sylvania, NSW (Sydney area)) miniature games convention

OzBunnyCon (Melbourne, Victoria) board game convention

Pax Australia (Melbourne, Victoria) game convention

Phenomenon (Dickson, Canberra) role playing game convention

SYDCON (Glebe, New South Wales (Sydney area)) Gaming convention

Wintercon (Canberra) game convention

New Zealand (NZ):

Board Games by the Bay (various) board game convention

Buckets of Dice (Christchurch) game convention

Call to Arms (Kilbirnie, Wellington) wargame convention

KapCon (Wellington) Role playing game convention

Phoenix (Amberley (Christchurch area)) LARP convention

Wellycon (Wellington) board game convention

Updated July 2019