Europe (Non-UK)

Below is a full game convention list of every game con outside of the British Isles (UK/Ireland) in Europe. If we are missing any game conventions, please use our Game Convention Submission Form to add them to our calendar.

Most of the conventions linked here have native language websites. We do not know if any part of these conventions are conducted in English and it is your responsibility to confirm that for yourself (assuming of course you don't speak the target language well enough to enjoy the convention).

Germany (Austria, Germany)

AnRUFung Die Cthulhu Convention (Vöhl-Ederbringhausen (central Germany)) [German] cthulhu convention

Auf den Inseln, an der Küste (Otterndorf, (northwest Germany, near Hamburg / Bremen)) [German] role playing game convention

Braunschweig Speilt (Braunschweig (Brunswick), (north central Germany)) [Germany] Board game convention

Bremer Spiele-Tage (Bremen, Germany) [German] game convention

Darmstadt Spielt (Darmstadt, Germany (Frankfurt area)) [German] board game convention

Dreieich Con (Dreieich, Germany (Frankfurt area)) [German] gaming convention

Eternal Con (Bacharach, Germany (Rhine River valley, between Koblenz and Wiesbaden)) rpg con

FeenCon (Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany (Cologne area)) [German] role playing convention

gamescom (Cologne (Köln), Germany) Electronic Game trade fair

Internationale Spieltage SPIEL (Messe Essen, Essen, Germany (Dusseldorf area)) game convention

KoMiCon - The Worlds (Koblenz, Germany (Rhine River valley)) war game convention

The Kraken: A Gaming Vaction (Berge, Germany (between Hamburg and Berlin)) biannual gamer convention

LinzCon (Linz, Austria) [German] game convention

NordCon (Hamburg, Germany) [German.] game convention

Ratingen Spieletage (Ratingen, Germany (Dusseldorf area)) [German] game convention

Scandanavia (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)

ARCON (Oslo, Norway) game convention

Fastaval (Hobro (northern Denmark)) gaming convention

GothCon (Gothenburg (southwest Sweden)) [Swedish] gaming convention

Gubbspel Galore (Gothenburg, Sweden) [Swedish] miniature games convention

Knudepunkt (Copenhagen, Denmark) roving convention that alternates across Scandanavia
Solmukohta (Helsinki, Finland) roving convention that alternates across Scandanavia
Knutepunkt (Oslo, Norway) roving convention that alternates across Scandanavia
Knutpunkt (Lund, Sweden) roving convention that alternates across Scandanavia

Lautapelaamaan (Suvilahti, Helsinki, Finland) board game convention

LinCon (Linköping (southern Sweden)) [Swedish] gaming convention

PROLOG (Västerås, Sweden (west of Stockholm)) [Swedish] LARP Convention

RopeCon (Espoo, Finland (Helsinki area)) games convention

Viking-Con (Kastrup, Denmark) [Danish] game convention

Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine)

PolCon (Lublin (eastern Poland)) [Polish] Science Fiction Convention

Pyrkon (Ponzan (western Poland)) multi genre convention

Southern Europe (Greece, Italy, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Turkey)

Cardboard and Sun (Paros, Greece) board games convention (vacation)

Ciudad de Arkham (Cordoba, Spain) [Spanish] game convention

Festival Internacional de Juegos Cordoba (Cordoba, Spain) [Spanish] tabletop game convention

IzmirCon (Izmir, Turkey) [Turkish] game convention

LeiriaCon (Leiria, Portugal (Coimbra area, north of Lisbon)) game convention

Lucca Comics and Games (Lucca (northwest Italy, near Pisa / Florence)) [Italian] game convention

METUCON (Ankara, Turkey) multi genre con

PLAY (Modena (northern Italy, Bologna area)) [Italian] game convention

SAN MARINO CON (San Marino (landlocked country in eastern Italy)) table top game convention

Vieja Escuela Con (Bilbao (Northern Spain)) Old School game convention

Western Europe (Belgium, France, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Switzerland)

FACTS (Ghent, Belgium) multi genre con

Festival International des Jeux (Cannes (southern France, Nice area)) [French] gaming festival

FLIP (Festival Ludique International Parthenay) (Parthenay (western France, Poitiers area)) [French] game festival

LuxCon (Tetange, Luxemburg (south of Luxemburg City, north of Metz, France)) multi genre con

Made in Asia (Brussels, Belgium) [French/Dutch] Anime convention

OctoGones (Lyon, France) [French] gaming convention

Spellenspektakel (Eindhoven, (southern Netherlands)) [Dutch] games convention

Zuiderspel (Veldhoven, (southern Netherlands, Eindhoven area)) [Dutch] gaming convention

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