Player / Game Search

For those looking to game in between conventions, here is a list of websites (not yet in any useful order) where one can find players and/or a game.

Access Denied database - a large database of gamers:

Dragonsfoot - focused on early editions of D&D:

DnDResources - gamers seeking gamers:

EN World: Gamers Seeking Gamers - forum listing: and interactive map: Easily the two biggest resources on this list!

Gamer's Bulletin Board - poorly organized player listing:

Gamer Seeking Gamer - mostly online gamers but also allows searches for tabletop gamers. Requires registration to search listings. Relatively new site:

Hero Games Player Finder - for the hero system:
Ironcrown (ICE) Gamers Seeking Gamers - for players of ICE games:

Kenzer & Co. - player listing for Kenzer & Co. games: - website for DMs but it has a Want Ad page including gamers and games: - find locals who share your interests and meet them once a month - has listings for most major rpgs as well as most other hobbies you could think of!

Mutants and Masterminds Player Locator - for M&M players:

National Gamers Guild Listing of Gamers Wanted

Nearby Gamers - google mapped gamers by tags:


Palladium Game Club - directory listing of gaming groups for Palladium games:

Paranoia Live Forums - for online and offline Paranoia players:

Pen & Paper Games:

RPG Bomb - has player forums broken out by state:

RPG Headquarters - forum for DMs searching for players and players searching for games:

RPG Net Forum - another player site:

RPG Registry Player database - must log in to read messages:


Steve Jackson Games Player finder - search site for players of Steve Jackson Games:

Steve Jackson Gamer Finder - forum listing of games rather than gamers:

White Wolf Game Finder - Official White Wolf site for finding White Wolf players:

Wizard of the Coast Player - forum site to find players of WotC games:

Yog-Sothoth - player search site for Call of Cthulhu players: