Below is a full convention calendar listing every game convention in Canada. If we are missing any conventions, please use our Game Convention Submission Form. You may also press 'Ctrl+D' to book mark this page for future reference.

Not yet updated for 2017

Fragapalooza (Leduc, (Edmonton area)) Video Game Convention

Fan Expo  (Toronto, ) comic con

HFX GAME CON (Halifax, NS, ) Video game convention

Astronomi-con Vancouver (Vancouver, ) Warhammer Tournament

Gamealot (St. Albert, Alberta, (Edmonton area)) Gaming convention

Impossible Realities (Saint John, New Brunswick, ) gaming convention

Annual Field Marshal Gaming Convention (Oshawa, Ontario, (northeast of Toronto)) games convention

ToonCon (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, ) table top gaming con

Unplugged Expo (Toronto, Ontario, ) Geek culture convention

Game Summit (Gatineau, QC, (Ottawa, ON area)) Games con

Phantasm (Peterborough, Ontario, (far northeast of Toronto)) role playing convention

Legiocon (Winnipeg, MB, ) Gaming convention

FallCon (Calgary, AB) tabletop game convention

VCon (Vancouver, ) gaming convention

GenreCon (Guelph, Ontario, (Toronto area)) gaming con

CastleCon (Oshawa, Ontario (northeast of Toronto)) game convention

Central Comic Con - C4 (Winnipeg, MB) comic con

BottosCon (Surrey, BC (Vancouver area)) board game convention

Hal-Con (Halifax, Nova Scotia (NS), ) game convention

JimCon (Winnipeg, MB, ) tabletop gaming convention

Pure Speculation (Edmonton, AB, ) SciFi and Fantasy festival

Ludo (Hull, Gatineau, Quebec, (Ottawa, ON area)) Board game convention

Project Play (London, Ontario, ) gaming convention

HammerCon (Hamilton, Ontario (Toronto area)) Games convention

N2U Anime and Gaming Convention (Ottawa, Ontario) anime convention

Arkham Nights (Toronto, ON) Lovecraftian horror gaming convention

StrDexCon (London, Ontario (between Detroit, MI and Toronto, ON)) gamer convention

Terminal City Tabletop Convention (Burnaby, BC (Vancouver area)) tabletop gaming convention

GottaCon (Victoria, BC (between Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA)) gaming convention

Legiocon (Winnipeg, MB) gaming convention

Gryphcon (Guelph, Ontario (Toronto area)) Game Convention

Hotlead (Stratford, ON) Miniature games convention

Jeux au Boute (Chertsey, Quebec, (north of Montreal)) Unknown - site in French

Fan Expo Vancouver (Vancouver) multi genre con

Trumpeter Salute (Burnaby, BC, (Vancouver area)) miniature and board game convention

Astronomi-con Winnipeg (Winnipeg) Warhammer Tournament

Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo (New Westminster, BC, (Vancouver area)) video game convention

Keycon (Winnipeg, Manitoba) science fiction and fantasy literary convention

FRAGCon (Regina, Saskatchewan (SK)) game convention

CanGames (Ottawa, Ontario, ) Games convention

SuperFan ComicCon (Toronto, Ontario) comic convention

Sci-Fi on the Rock (St. John's, Newfoundland, ) sci-fi and fantasy convention

PrairieCon (Brandon, MB, ) game convention

Animaritime (Fredericton, NB, ) anime convention

Stage Select Gaming Expo (Toronto, Ontario, ) gaming event

[CANCELLED] Underground Con (Calgary, AB ) gaming convention

ConBravo! (Hamilton, ON, (Toronto area)) games convention

Astronomi-con Toronto (Toronto, ) Warhammer Tournament