Thursday, October 17, 2013

Autumn 2013 Game Con Calendar updates

After having reached 600 gaming conventions it seems the flow of cons we haven't heard of before has dropped off quite a bit. We've decided to start publishing this list of new conventions added to our calendar less frequently perhaps quarterly instead of monthly. We are also going to start announcing individual site updates convention by convention on twitter (you can follow us here: ) - in case you can't wait until our next update!

Here are the newest twelve conventions on the list:

Ireland / UK Gaming Conventions:

  • Eirtakon (November 22-24, Dublin, Ireland)
  • AdventureX (December 7-8, London, UK)

Great Lakes Gaming Cons:

  • Dan's Con of the Vale (October 18-20, Brookfield, WI)
  • Conflagration (February ?-?, Brookfield, WI)
  • River Con (April 19, South Bend, IN)
  • Milwaukee Summer Revel (June ?-?, Brookfield, WI)
  • Con in the Castle (September ?-?, New Plymouth, OH)

California Video Game Conventions:

  • BlizzCon (November 8-9, Anaheim, CA)
  • VGC (January 3-4, Burbank, CA)

South Central East Gamer Cons:

  • Extra Life – Knoxville (November 2 -3, Knoxville, TN)

South Central West Games Convention Calendar:

  • GamerNation Con (March 14-16, Plano, TX)
  • SUPER! BitCon (March 29, Oklahoma City, OK)

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