Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June updates to the game con list

Eighteen more conventions added to the list this month but we also removed a few that are no longer in business. I think that brings our total to a couple short of 600 so if you know any we missed, now's a great time to send them our way!

This month also marks our one year anniversary of cataloging game conventions. We've gone from about 100 to almost 600 in one year. Not bad!

Here are the latest additions:

Australia Games Con List:
  • Leviathan (April ?-?, Leviathan, NSW, Australia)

Canada Gamer Cons Calendar:
  • GenreCon (October 4-6, Guelph, Ontario, Canada)
  • N2U Anime and Gaming Convention (November 1-3, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Europe Gaming Convention:
  • Tracon (September 14-15, Tampere, Finland)

Ireland Game Cons:
  • Hobocon (August 23 – 25, Dublin, Ireland)

USA Gaming Cons:
Great Lakes Game Conventions List:
  • I-Con (September 13-15, Springfield, IL)
  • Chaoticon (April ?-?, Green Bay, WI)

Mountain Games Conventions Calendar:
  • MaricopaCon (August 3-4, Mesa, AZ)
  • Phoenix Comicon (May ?-?, Phoenix, AZ)

New England Gamer Convention:
  • Maine Game Con (November 1-3, Augusta, ME)

New York Gaming Cons List:
  • RetroGameCon (October 19, Cicero, NY)

Pacific Game Con Calendar:
  • Monster Con (October 19-20, Yakima, WA)
  • Gaslight Gathering (May 2-4, San Diego, CA)

South Atlantic Games Conventions:
  • Club Mace (June 29 – July 4, Jacksonville, FL to the Bahamas)
  • AndoCon (July 19-21, Kennesaw, GA)
  • MACE West (April ?-?, Hickory, NC)

South Central East Gamer Con List:
  • Hypericon (June 14-16, Nashville, TN)

Texas Gaming Convention Calendar:
  • RTX [Rooster Teeth Expo] (July 5-7, Austin, TX)

If you haven't already, go ahead and read a review for FGCon an online gaming convention using Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop that was run over the first weekend in June.

We've also added two new advertisers this month.

The first is Noble Knight Games. They offer new and out-of-print role playing games, collectible card games, war games, board games and minis.

The second is OneBookShelf the parent of RPGNow / DriveThru(RPG, Comics, Cards, Fiction) / WargameVault. Each of these sites focuses on downloadable and/or print on demand pdfs. RPGNow focuses on Indie games, the DriveThru series focus on RPGs, Comics, Cards and Fiction respectively and WargameVault focuses on wargames.
RPGNow.comWargame Vault

Rather than paying a set advertising fee, both of these advertisers will pass back a small commission to Game Convention Central if you click through and purchase anything from them.

And finally, the summer con season kicked off today with the start of the Origins Game Fair and runs through Dragon*Con over labor day weekend.  Which cons are you heading to this summer?

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