Friday, May 3, 2013

May Games Convention List update

Sixteen gaming cons added to the list this month.  This includes eight from overseas and a number of start-up game cons in their first year.  

Germany Game Con List:

  • AttritiCon (May 3-5, Ulm, Germany)
  • KoMiCon (August 16-18, Koblenz, Germany)

UK / Ireland Gamer Convention Calendar:

  • Gauntlet (July 6-7, Flintshire, UK)
  • Nine Worlds GeekFest (August 9-11, London, UK)
  • Fayre Times Festival (September 21-22, Billericay, Essex, UK)
  • GEEK (February ?-?, Margate, Kent, UK)
  • Vaticon (April ?-?, Dublin, Ireland)

Capital Region Games Conventions:

  • GAD-Con (May 24-26, Baltimore, MD)
  • 1d4Con (April ?-?, Winchester, VA)

Great Lakes Region Gamer Conventions:

  • Protospiel (July 12-14, Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Concentric Convention (March ?-?, Itasca, IL)

California Game Convention List:

  • ConQuest Avalon (Nov 8-11, Sacramento, CA)

Florida Gaming Con List:

  • Salty Bay Con (June 8-9, Tampa, FL)

Texas Game Cons:

  • QuakeCon (August 1-4, Dallas, TX)
  • WaCon (September 28-29, Waco, TX)

World Gaming Convention List:

  • Upcon (April 20-21, Pretoria, South Africa)

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