Thursday, February 14, 2013

Upcoming Convention: NecronomiCon Providence

By random chance I ended up sitting down with one of the organizers from NecronomiCon Providence at TempleCon. I happened to be wrapping up a game in a room he was setting up Cthulhu in and stuck around in the hopes of getting into the game. Unfortunately, none of his four signed up players showed up but we did spend an hour or two talking about NecronomiCon Providence.

I am a huge fan of Call of Cthulhu (CoC) the game and was already considering taking the drive to Rhode Island this summer. Providence is about 3 hours for me and driving to TempleCon convinced me this was doable (sometimes my back isn’t so great in long car rides). This conversation convinced me that this will really be a can’t miss event and I will probably book my trip this week!

NecronomiCon Providence will be held in the heart of Providence, RI the weekend of August 23-25. Overall the convention will offer literary options (panels, talks, workshops), gaming (anything Lovecraftian: CoC, Arkham Horror, etc) and external events. For the external events, they’re planning walking tours of Providence, film screenings, are considering a Pubcrawl, and even have a local brewery producing beer just for the event! Some of the CoC games will even be run by writers of previous CoC sourcebooks and modules! There are also going to be some interesting looking events including a Sunday morning Prayer breakfast as well as a number of Lovecraft themed parties.

Overall this seems like it will be an amazing time, right in the heart of Lovecraft’s hometown. I can’t wait!

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