Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Game Con Terms

Game conventions have a terminology all their own. This glossary of definitions should help you navigate any gaming con:

1e, 2e, 3e, 3.5e, 4e, etc. - First Edition, Second Edition, etc. Refers to the edition of a game.

2nd, 3rd, etc round - some events are played in multiple rounds. Generally, one needs to play in/win the first round to play in later rounds (but each event will have its own rules).

Anime - Japanese style animation. Some fans of Anime will dress up as their favorite characters. Anime fans have their own conventions as well but often there is cross-over.

Badges - Essentially a name tag that shows you have paid to attend the convention.  Required for entry into most areas of the con and all game events.

Boxed Text - part of a RPG module read aloud to the players.

CCG - Collectable Card Game such as Magic: the Gathering (M:tG or Magic for short) or Pokemon where players compete with decks of cards they assemble themselves. See also - Sealed Deck Tournament.

Con - short for convention. No one says convention. Most conventions include 'con' in their name: DexCon, GenCon, Comic-Con, Dragon*Con.

Flavor Text (see Boxed Text above).

Generic – (see Tickets, Generics below)

In Character - To say or act as your character in a RPG/LARP. See also OC (Out of Character).

Indy Game - a game (usually an RPG) produced by a small independent game company. Games like Capes, Fiasco, and WEGS are all Indy Games.

LARP - Live Action Role Playing (Game). A game in which players act out the actions of their characters. Can be contained in a single room or expand well beyond.

LARPers - the players/participants in a LARP. Usually easily identifiable by their costumes.

LARPing - the act of participating in a LARP.

Living Campaign - See RPGA below.

OC (Out of Character) - to say or do something as yourself (and not your character) in an RPG/LARP. Generally frowned upon by hardcore roleplayers/LARPers.

Open Gaming - An official area for unscheduled games. See also, Pickup Games.

Peace Bonding - tying off a weapon so it can not be drawn, or clearly identifying it as fake (if it is so).

Pickup Game - an unofficial unscheduled game in a random area of the convention/hotel.

PreGen - Pre-Generated Characters. An event in which fully fleshed out characters are provided by the GM. These characters often have intricate interlocking back stories.

PreReg - Pre-Register. To register for a convention before arriving. Most conventions offer a discount if you prereg early enough.

Registration - the area where convention goers sign in, pay, select their games for the con.

Ribbons – a pay once option at some conventions that use tickets. A ribbon sort of functions like an unlimited Generic Ticket (See Tickets, Generics below). Every con is different so be sure to review their specific rules.

RPG - Role Playing Game.

RPGA - a role playing game association that runs modules at many gaming cons. Focuses mostly on D&D. Has a number of 'Living' campaigns in which players bring the same character to each event they play.

Sealed Deck Tournament - A collectable card game tournament in which each player purchases a sealed deck at the start of the event and plays using only those cards.

Slot - A pre-defined time allocation for a game. Most conventions allot 4 hour time slots for RPGs and Wargames, with 2 hours slots for shorter boardgames and card games.

Tickets - in addition to admission, some conventions charge a small fee for each event/game you participate in.  In exchange you are given a ticket to the event that is collected at the game itself.

Tickets, Generics – for conventions that use tickets, this will allow you to fill into an empty slot at any game. Every con is different so be sure to review their specific rules.

WEGS - The Wickedly Errant Game System by GameWick Games. A sword and sorcery adventure game in which players can affect their dice rolls by paying 'Spoints' [Spell Points] into a central copper pot. Has a terminology all its own!

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